Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Camp Fire – The 3 Crucial Steps for Making a Successful Camp Fire

Everyone enjoys a nice camp fire when camping. And if you are ever in a survival situation it is important you know how to build a successful camp fire for warmth on a cold night. The following are three steps that you can take to make a camp fire.

1) Gather Enough Firewood – One of the biggest mistakes people make when building a camp fire is not having enough wood to keep the fire going. It is important that you gather a large pile of firewood before you attempt to make your camp fire. This way you will have wood to put on your fire to keep it burning without having to run around looking for more firewood before your fire goes out.

2) Good Tinder Bundle – Every fire starts with a good tinder bundle. Without it a fire is almost impossible to get going. The type of bundle will change depending on the method of ignition. If you are starting your fire with matches or a lighter; dry pine needles, dry heavy grass, or leaves will work just fine. However, if you are using a more primitive method for starting your fire, your bundle will need to consist of much finer materials in order for a spark or ember to ignite.

3) Adding Wood to Your Fire – Once the tinder bundle has been lit; use small twigs and sticks to keep the fire going and growing. You will want to place an increasingly larger size piece of wood to your fire. Make sure to give enough time for each size of wood to ignite before adding more wood as to not smother the fire. Continue adding fire wood to achieve the size of fire you desire. Remember to watch your fire wood pile to ensure you have enough wood for your fire.

So, as you can see, make sure you follow these three steps when making your next camp fire.

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