Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Tent Camping – The 3 Most Important Things to Have for a Great Campsite Location

Tent camping is very popular these days and many people wander how you can pick a great campsite location for your tent. If you are camping in a designated campground is easy to find a great campsite. But if you are roughing it and camping out in the woods here are three things to look for in a great tent campsite.

1. A Flat Spot – When you are camping in a tent you want to find a flat spot to pitch your tent. This will make sleeping much more comfortable. Removing all rocks and twigs from the area where you are going to put your tent will eliminate stepping on sharp objects when you are barefoot in your tent.

2. Trees – Trees will provide shade from the sun. This is especially helpful when camping in the heat of the summer months. Trees will also act as a wind break for your tent. If you are in a winding area, camping in amongst trees and brushes will protect you and your tent.

3. Large Area - You will want an area that is large enough for your tent, cooking area, and campfire. Make sure your tent is a safe distance from campfire so you don’t get sparks on your tent and smoke in your tent.

So, as you can see, to have the best campsite location possible you want to find a large, flat area with plenty of trees. This will ensure you have both a comfortable and safe camping trip.

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