Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camping Stoves - 3 Must Have Accessories For Your Camping Stove

When you are out on your next camping trip, a propane camp stove is a great way to do your cooking. It provides even cooking and the source of heat can be regulated easily. It is very much like cooking at home on your kitchen stove. A propane camp stove is also a permitted form of cooking when campfires and charcoal grills are prohibited due to extreme forest fire danger. But it is important that you bring the following accessories with you to use with your camping stove.

1) Extra Propane - Whether you just use the small 1 pound propane bottles that easily attach to your camp stove or if you connect your stove to a large propane bottle, always make sure you have some extra propane. It is always a good idea to carry 4 to 5 extra small propane bottles in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

2) Matches and/or Lighters - As with carrying extra propane, it is also a good idea to carry extra matches and a couple lighters to light your stove.

3) Extra Hose and Distribution Tree - It is a great idea to have an extra hose if you are using a large propane bottle with your camp stove. In the event your original hose gets damaged, you will have a spare. A distribution tree that attaches to your large propane bottle is also very helpful. It has extra outlets to attach other propane using items to such as a propane grill and lantern.

So, as you can see, a propane camp stove is a great cooking device on your camping trips as long as you remember to be prepared with extra propane, extra matches and lighters, and a spare hose along with a distribution tree.

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