Monday, March 30, 2009

Camping Stoves – Which Size Camp Stove is Right for You?

Camping stoves make camping not so primitive. Just like home, you can grab a pan, some ingredients, and you can be cooking. You can boil water so everyone can have exactly what they want; coffee, tea, or cocoa. You can use hot water to make soups, do dishes, or even take a hot shower. Camp stoves make camping fun and easy.

But which size camp stove should you buy? There are so many on the market it may be hard to choose. Consider which of the following type of camping you will be doing so you can choose the right size camp stove for your needs.

· Car Camping – If you will be hauling all your camping gear in a car, you will need to determine if you have room for a two or three burner stove or just a single burner. A lot of the propane only stoves are very streamlined and pack very nicely.

· Truck Camping – If you are traveling in a truck with your camping gear you will have more room than someone camping in a car. However this doesn’t necessarily mean you should bring the largest stove you can find. Think about your needs and what all you will be using the stove for. Will you be using three burners all at once? If not, a nice two burner stove maybe sufficient.

· Backpackers – Backpackers will want to use a lightweight, single burner stove specially designed for backpacking. These stove are easy to carry and burn well at any altitude. Most backpackers will use this single stove to make all their meals and hot drinks from while camping.

So, as you can see, depending on the type of camping you will be doing, will help you determine what size camp stove is right for you.

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